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As an innovative part of the circular economy, Recovered Carbon creates soil based, non-forest, carbon credits using a unique fungal based matrix. By offering highly efficient and scalable projects, we help governments and corporations transition to Net Zero by 2050.

Recovered Carbon – A Nature Based Solution

Towards Net Zero 2050

Both governments and companies alike are needing to find new and inventive ways to bring down their C02 emissions to comply with EU and international obligations. Recovered Carbon offers a nature based, scientifically proven, permanent, additional, verifiable and  measurable solution by creating a fungal dominant soil matrix to produce robust carbon capture far above baseline. Recovered Carbon uses soil based carbon sequestration with a special fungal based inoculant to capture to 37mt CO2/ha/yr and nitrogen capture to 869.4k N/ha/yr using a low cost and scalable technology.

High Quality Carbon Offsets are:

  • Additional
  • Permanent
  • Measurable
  • Verifiable
  • Have No Double Use
  • Avoid Social and Environmental Harm

As general a rule, when you increase the carbon mass of soil, you also increase respiration. Studies have shown that the technology used by Recovered Carbon increases soil carbon mass by 18x and decreases soil respiration by 4x over baseline, which levels off after 4 years.

Innovation in Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration

Peat Bog Restoration

One of the biggest challenges facing peat bog restoration is the slow regrowth of moss and other vegetation so vital in the functioning of a healthy bog. Recovered Carbon’s inoculation can speed up the plant growth, stop carbon emissions and kick start the bog’s natural carbon sequestration function without the need for any soil amendments. Studies have shown that within 1 year of application, biomass production increases 5x over baseline by increasing the photosynthetic capacity of the soil and thus increasing the plant’s ability to absorb and utilize soil nutrients.

Recovered Carbon – Robust, Practical and Cost Effective

Benefits from Recovered Carbon

About Paul

Paul grew up in Westchester county, NY. He completed his bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School in 1992. After completing his degree in Europe he decided to stay and continue his journey in Prague, Czechia where he worked as a journalist for the Prague Post and taught English.

He then travelled to Ubon Thailand, to a jungle monastery on the Cambodian border, to become a Buddhist monk. There, he began his formal meditation instruction as well as informal study of acupuncture, herbalism and Traditional Asian Medicine.

After leaving the monastery, Paul moved to Seattle Washington where he began his formal training in Traditional Asian Medicine at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (now part of Bastyr University) and earned his master’s degree in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in 1996.

Leaving Seattle after graduation, Paul went back to New York state to found American Acupuncture Clinic. He developed the business into a well respected and active clinic for 23 years until the COVID19 Pandemic forced its closure in 2020.

Paul’s experience and passion for growing medicinal herbs led him to discover the work of scientists at the University of California Chico and New Mexico University. He quickly realized it offers far more than a low cost, scalable way to increase bio mass yield with fewer synthetic inputs. It offers something a warming planet facing climatic catastrophe desperately needs; a way to make the soil robustly capture carbon without reliance on huge funding streams or a forest based shell game.

As the European Union is leading the world in climate change initiatives and green technologies and Estonia is one of the EU’s hidden gems. It quickly became the obvious choice for both the company and Paul to call home. Recovered Carbon was founded as an Estonian company in 2020 and it is now the place he calls home.


Paul Rooney

Paul Rooney

Founder and Owner, Recovered Carbon


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